Parks & Open Space

The development of SDSU Mission Valley will provide San Diego with access to approximately 80 acres of community parks and open space. Once completed, these green spaces will culminate at the San Diego River in an expansive 34-acre River Park.

River Park

  • 34 acres with two multi-use fields, a children's play area, basketball courts, a fitness area with climbing structures, a footpath with bike lanes, picnic tables and more. 

Environmental Benefits

  • Areas in the Murphy Canyon Creek and San Diego River floodplain will be exclusively park and open space, designed to serve as a buffer, and occasionally filter flood and stormwater draining to the San Diego River.
  • SDSU Mission Valley's grading plan and storm drain system will collect and treat runoff and direct drainage to retention basins before traveling to the San Diego River. This is a significant improvement over existing conditions which allows runoff to travel across the concrete parking lot and directly enter the San Diego River without treatment.

Biodiversity & Native Plants

  • In addition to protecting the native vegetation already on-site, SDSU has integrated drought-tolerant and native plants prominently into the park design. Below are just a few that will be planted across SDSU Mission Valley and Snapdragon Stadium:
    • California Poppy, California Sycamore, California Wild Rose, Coastal Agave, Coast Live Oak, Mohave Yucca, San Diego Sunflower, and White Sage. 

Active Recreation

  • The site will include six multi-use fields, including two adjacent to the new stadium, suitable for soccer, rugby, flag football, and a variety of youth and intramural sports.
  • Along the property’s south side beneath the shade of the elevated trolley line, there will be picnic areas, fitness equipment, basketball courts, a skate area, and other hard court activities.
  • The park will include play structures for kids and a designated area for an off-leash dog park.

Passive Recreation

  • An approximately 2-mile pedestrian and bike trail will be located throughout the River Park connecting to the regional San Diego River Trail system.
  • A section of the bike and hike trail includes the Ben and Nikki Clay River Trail.

A River Park Design Workshop was held in Dec. 2019. Take a look at the Mission Valley River Park presentation from that workshop to see how community input helped shape the design for our parks and open space.