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SDSU Mission Valley was awarded the Circulate San Diego Mobility Certification for its transit-oriented and sustainable plan. The Mobility Certification is a program that recognizes and supports transit-oriented, smart growth proposals in the San Diego region.

The design of SDSU Mission Valley takes into consideration the existing transportation conditions and potential impacts related to construction, and accordingly, identifies mitigation measures, where feasible, to improve transportation and reduce traffic on-site and within the surrounding community.

On-site and off-site improvements will be implemented in order to reduce traffic impacts, including:


Adaptive signal technology along the Friars Road Corridor, and improvements at the following intersections:

  • Friars Road & Stadium Way
  • San Diego Mission Road & Mission Village Drive
  • Mission Village Drive & Friars Road
  • Rio San Diego Drive (between Fenton Pkwy & Qualcomm Dr.)
  • Texas Street & Camino del Rio South
  • Rancho Mission Road & Ward Road
  • Ruffin Road & Aero Drive
  • Fairmount Avenue & San Diego Mission Road
  • Fairmount Avenue & Mission Gorge Road

Safe, bikeable community:

  • Improve an SDSU to SDSU Mission Valley bike connection
  • Well-designed streets that encourage use of bikes

Enhancing alternative transportation options in the following ways:

  • Increase rideshare opportunities
  • Facilities to increase bicycle and pedestrian travel
  • Incentives to ride transit
  • Comprehensive transportation and parking management plan (TPMP) applied to expedite traffic flows and minimize delays for stadium events

The site will facilitate increased use of the trolley with the construction of a welcoming trolley plaza adjacent to the existing on-site Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) trolley station, which will also accommodate the planned Purple Line transit station. The trolley plaza will also include space for at least four bus bays:


SDSU Mission Valley Trolley Plaza AFTER Construction
SDSU Mission Valley Trolley Plaza BEFORE Construction
SDSU Mission Valley Trolley Plaza before and after construction.

A Transportation Demand Management Program

The program will help reduce projected traffic volumes by 14%. For stadium events, a comprehensive transportation and parking management plan will be implemented to expedite traffic flows, minimize delays, maximize parking and circulation efficiencies, and enhance safety.